Get a security assessment / vulnerability assessment of your Active Directory environment

Securing Active Directory (AD) is not a simple task. It’s not just periodically update but is a continuous effort to ensure the AD is secure against all existing and new potential malicious code attack. At Zepto, we have vast experiences range from SMB to enterprise customer from various industries to help your organization to gain insight into the security of your AD environment.

Our experienced solution specialist will perform a vulnerability assessment with your team to review your environment and help to identify opportunities for improvement. After an analysis of the configuration and operational use of your AD infrastructure, we will provide recommendations.

The solution specialist will provide analysis of a comprehensive set of data relating to AD including:

  • Domain Groups and Members
  • Domain Users
  • Domain Summary
  • Active Directory Permissions

At no point during the engagement will any changes be made to your environment. And you are under no obligation to purchase software, services or support. If interested, please complete the form and we’ll be in touch to discuss how to get started.

We hope with this initiative will help your organization.

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