Power Automate has been gaining market shares lately

Microsoft Power Automate

Businesses like Coca-Cola Bottling Company United are already betting on Microsoft Power Automate as demand for it soars in the RPA space. How precisely is Coca-Cola using Power Automate to address order management challenges? What makes the platform so well-liked for automation already?

The Growth of RPA

Gartner anticipates double-digit growth over the following years as robotic process automation (RPA) continues to penetrate enterprises.

Gartner predicts that RPA software sales would increase over the previous years despite the pandemic setback. The epidemic has raised both the need for and the use of RPA.

Because more firms are adopting RPA, there is a higher market share that RPA software providers are vying for.

Microsoft’s Official Entry in RPA Arena

Around November 2019, Microsoft changed the name of Microsoft Flow to Power Automate (and powered it with RPA, virtual agents, and other compelling features). This marked the tech giant’s official entry into the RPA software market.

Power Automate has entered Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for RPA Software after less than a year in business. Also listed as a leader in the Forrester Wave Leader 2021 for RPA is Microsoft.

The Powerful Functions of Power Automate

Product Line

Microsoft-based businesses find Power Automate to be a natural fit. The Microsoft ecosystem of applications makes it simple and quick to enable end-to-end automation. Microsoft intends to provide roughly 600 prebuilt templates for Office 365 applications (including well-known programs like Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, and Excel).


Cost image

Microsoft is entering the market at a comparatively lower pricing point. Pricing is determined by per-flow consumption and per-user (which might trigger other players to bring down their costs to stay competitive).


By including features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), AI/ML functionalities, analytics, API connectors, document ingestion, and more, Microsoft sets Power Automate apart from competing products (also backed by robust Azure cloud functionality).

UI Flows

UI Flows image

UI flows can be particularly helpful for companies using legacy platforms without any API connectivity (knight in the shining armor). All they need to do is document each manual interaction they have each day with the software platforms. After that, an automation journey is created.

Virtual Agents

Virtual Agent image

Your teams may now produce virtual agents without any prior knowledge of coding or AI. Drag-and-drop and click functionalities make it simple to create low-code/no-code virtual agents. The functions of sales, human resources, marketing, customer service, and finance can each have a virtual representative in a matter of hours. Even an agent for Microsoft Teams can be created.

Microsoft also released the Desktop version of Power Automate with the aforementioned features in order to make RPA more accessible to businesses as a whole. Organizations can automate tasks and procedures using desktop and online apps by using the desktop version.

Creating workflows and automating routine tasks can help businesses get immediate results (not just low cost, but also low risk).

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